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Frequently Asked Questions for YUKI students

Will I be able to afford study abroad? It's more affordable than you think! Even though study abroad seems expensive, there are many ways to alleviate the cost. You can check financial aid and scholarships which are applied at your prospec school. Sometimes, you can find support before departure; however almost the cases, you should...
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Frequently Asked Questions for Non-YUKI students

If you are already an YUKI student, we've answered your questions here: YUKI students’ FAQs
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Study Abroad Myths

There are a number of misconceptions about study abroad that make it seems like it's not an option. Belows are what our alumni have to say about these myths! It’s really helpful for you, but if you are still worried, you can make an appointment with a Professional Study Abroad consultant to discuss what it's really like.
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Japanese preparatory courses at Language schools or Universities, Colleges who are cooperating with YUKI

Generally, a prospective student first enrolls in a Japanese language institution after arrival in Japan. In many cases, you study Japanese and other related subjects at the language institution for between one and two years and then takes the entrance examination for a university, etc. Types of such language institutions include senshu gakko...
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Choosing a Program

There are many program options available for study abroad in Japan, and it is important for you to choose a program that fits your academic and future goals, personal preferences, curriculum and budget.
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Who, When, How long

There are many questions related to Study Abroad in Japan that may arise before, during & even after you began your plan. Here are some basics to get you started:
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