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If you are already an YUKI student, we've answered your questions here: YUKI students’ FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions for Non-YUKI students
January 04, 2018 - View: 3724

If you are already an YUKI student, we've answered your questions here: YUKI students’ FAQs


Which programs am I eligible for?

As a Non-YUKI student you can participate in almost programs which are offered directly by schools or under cooperation with your current university/college. Unfortunately, if you are high school students, there is not yet exchange or cooperated program with Japanese schools for now. In this case, you have to visit school website, contact to ask for application or join exchange program after entering a university in Vietnam.

Of course, you have to meet the eligibility requirements set forth by your desired program. You can find eligibility requirements on school website or talk with our consultants for more details (it’s FREE OF CHARGE until you sign-up, so please do not hesitate to contact us ).

Which programs am I missing?

Unfortunately, if you are Non-YUKI student, you’ll miss many opportunities for scholarships & financial aids which are offer by schools, organizations who choosing YUKI as official recruiting agent in Vietnam.

There are some typical programs you may be interested in:

  • Newspaper Scholarship up to 100% financial support every year
  • Farewell or Nursing Scholarship up to 100% financial support with job commitment & perminant COE in Japan
  • Scholarship up to 100% for Japanese preparatory course for N1 students

And many other scholarship programs.

What are the language requirements?

Language requirements vary according to program, as well as to the length of the program (it means your prospected intake).

You may need only 150 hours studying Japanese with certificate by a Vietnamese center; or you should have Japanese language certificate N5 at least. Sometimes, schools can even ask for JLPT N3.  

What are the GPA requirements?

If you don’t have any recommendation from YUKI, you may be required higher GPA to prove your studying ability. It will be more than 6.5/10 for all 3 high school years, or more than 2.5/4.0 for university & college score.

In case you have unfortunately some bad score in schooling history, you should contact our consultants for more advice & solution.

How can I apply for COE or VISA?

You can do application for COE and VISA by yourself. Actually, there are some steps which school will request you to complete and some documents you have to submit, translate and send to Japan for COE approval. If your documents are clean & clear, you can be confident to do with high potential. However, it is fact that there are many small mistakes related to papers, documents, your score, your explanation and your Japanese language, etc. which will cause a failure. Once you fail for COE, it’s really hard and complicated to re-apply with lower success potential. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to contact our consultants before you start your preparation for COE. They can help you to give a free quick review on your paper & documents with professional advices.

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