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The cost of your program is determined by various factors, including:

  • School/ institution where you will study:
Cost Considerations
January 04, 2018 - View: 3647

The cost of your program is determined by various factors, including:

  • School/ institution where you will study:

Each school can have different tuition fee structure but not huge deviation. The first amount you pay to school before departure can also be various depend on payment method, such as: 1 year tuition fee & 6 months dormitory; or 6 months payment. You should check “Total tuition fee & amount” of each school in the section of School/College – Specific information for your comparison.

  • Location and general cost of living:

Nowsaday, Japan is not much expensive when you compare with other countries in the world. You can find many reports easily to show that 1 or 2 cities in Japan are ranked as top expensive cities. For example, CNBC published the list of top 25 cities in June 2017. In this list, Tokyo ranks No. 3 and Osaka ranks No. 21.

If you have a tight budget, please consider study in a non-traditional region like Fukuoka, Okinawa, Sapporo or Hiroshima. Programs offered in these regions work academically for you. Besides, when you choose specific school in any region, please compare urban locations to small town or rural areas. Often, it is cheaper to study in small towns or rural areas than in major cities.

  • Your personal spending habits and goals:

Having a few solid goals and an overall agenda, and having good estimates of the costs of your chosen study abroad program will assist you in making a realistic budget for your time abroad. There is the only one way for you is getting advices from your friends, relatives who already experienced, or talking with our experts and alumni in Japan.

  • Duration of the program:

While shorter programs may seem to be less expensive because of a lower price tag, longer ones may actually provide more value for your money as we explain in the benefit of study abroad. Also, in many cases, there is less financial aid available for shorter programs (such as: summer camp, exchange program, etc.)

How does cost affect program quality?

Fortunately, the cheapest program is not always the best option; lower costs sometimes translates to lower quality, such as fewer student services and less reliable on-site support.

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